Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Holiday!!

In honor of the holiday season I have changed my layout. I will also attempt to have happier, holiday friendly

Friday, December 11, 2009

Once Upon a Time...Happily Ever After

I blame Disney! Its all Disney's fault, all the disillisuioned fantasies I have about love and romance was forced on my by the Disney Corp. They continue to perpetrate this fantasy to girls around the world year after year, and one day a little girl is going to grow up and come to the harsh realization that there is no Prince Charming coming to rescue her on his white horse and whisk her away to live happily ever after. That doesn't happen! (no comments from the 1 in a BILLION who do get whisked away...please and

Disney romanticizes relationships and everything is all fluffy and blurry and blissfull. There is the handsome prince you fall helplessly in love with, and you only get the prince if you're pretty and in distress; there is no emotional connection whatsoever. But you get married and live happily ever after?! We buy into it, as is evident my the women who go in search every year for the ball gown wedding dresses, the men who propose to women in horse drawn carriages, and the girls who wish for it all.

All of the fairy tales neglect to portray the hardships of relationships, *pause* they don't even show relationships, they show the courtship, and straight from courtship is marriage. (hmmm maybe they are on to Disney makes girls believe all you have to do is be pretty, helpless, and a handsome prince will find you. They forget to tell us that usually this handsome prince had found quite a few damsels and being in such 'high demand' decides to get a few more notches on his belt before he considers marriage. But he'll ride in and appear to whisk you away, and whisk he does, only to drop you off a few miles down the path to help another damsel onto his horse.

With Disney conforming to the times, now we have an African American princess *woot woot* (still perpetrating a fraud and happy endings..grrrr, but I mean c'mon, I can still be I am waiting for the day when disney will have a fairy tale of a divorced single mom, and why can't she live happily ever after, or even a fairy tale of a single career-driven woman who also lives happily ever after. We need more realistic fairy tales. And maybe they don't need to live happily ever after, maybe they coninue to struggle everyday with their own issues but they live, with or without the prince.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big Love (HBO series)

I'm pretty sure you all are familiar with the HBO series Big Love. To make a long story short, its about a Morman man with three (3) wives. I've recently become addicted to this show. Over the course of my Thanksgiving weekend I've watched EVERY episode, that is 3 entire seasons.

It makes me wonder if I could ever be one of many wives. I know I can definitely not be one of many girlfriends, so that should automatically rule out being wife #3, you'd think. I'm 24, and I'm nowhere near finding love, even though I haplessly stumble into 'like' every few weeks or so. Love, however, evades me. And maybe its this recent bout with...God knows what it is or was, that has me even thinking about like and love and relationships. I feel like I've been in polygamous relationships, I KNOW I've been in polygamous relationships...jerks! They just weren't upfront about it. [LOL]

The same issues they seem to struggle with on Big Love I have struggled with. The fight for attention and affection, the feeling of not being #1. So why do they stay? Why did I stay with some of these men or even tolerate it as long as I did? If I knew the answer to that question I'd solve many of the world's problems. End wars probably. Aren't all wars fought over women, if not then it should be.

Did I mention how much it irks me when men expouse these theories on how humans aren't naturally monogymous, so we should just accept the fact that men cheat *severe side eye*. Uh, yea okay, you run with that theory, lets see how far it gets you buddy. I am attracted to intelligent men, the only down side with dating someone who is highly intelligent is that he fabricates pretty convincing reasons as to why he/men in general do the hurtful, insensitive, and down right stupid stuff they sometimes, and will most likely do. Hence my dilemna, dating someone that can effectively convince me to accept the stupid things men do, and me countering that argument, makes for good debate, but is sure to end badly.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Letter To the Ladies

A Letter To the Ladies

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Riding in Cars with Boys, Part I

I've been doing this forever. All I can seem to ask is: "Are we there yet?" Granted the driver has changed some, its the same ride; with a little back seat action here and there. I listen to my friends' dating stories and I'm always saying to them "Where do you find these guys", only to now look at myself and say "You sure know how to pick 'em." And boy do I! I have an affinity for the asshole/jerk. I can admit this, I have come to terms with this. But, I still find it surprising.

Now this one...he's SO confusing. Men always like to say we don't know what we want, but I find that to be the other way around. For me at least. I know exactly what I want, the problem is how to go about getting what I want.

I've been hesitant to REALLY talk about my relationships on this blog, but I'll take a risk, maybe I'll delete it later, who knows. I seem to have a revolving door of men in my life, those 2 that I recycle. I'm one who doesn't like to meet news guys for fear of encountering the same problems, just with a new face; and by sticking with my select few at least I know what to expect. Counterproductive, I KNOW! But, I did venture out this summer, but now the things that kept me from giving new guys a chance seems to be slowly but surely creeping up and biting me on the butt. I've known Mr. New Guy (yup that's his alias for indirectly for over a year. Indirectly? Yes, don' ask. This summer we actually started talking, before this surge in communication I could NOT stand him. I thought he was a misogynistic jerk (hmmm, trust your instinct ladies).

Back on track, I have no idea where we are going, but I'm ready to get there, or at least get out this car and take a cab back home. For a long time I ignored his advances and didn't take any of it seriously. Even the numerous proposals (is that the right choice of words) to be his girlfriend. I mean I'm here and he's there (yea its one of those). So NO. But then I visit, after MUCH pleading, and at the end of it all I didn't think anything of the experience..until. But now, I'm all confused. It seems like the moment I start liking him is the exact same moment he starts reverting back into the guy I had loathed for SO long. Now what I had been avoiding for so long seems to have happened. I LIKE HIM, and that sucks! I did SO well with my guard up and shield in position, for so long.

While I have all these grand ideas and suggestions and advice I give my friends, I can't seem to conjure up a single thing for myself. I can't seem to posses any follow through in my own situations and I feel like I'm stuck in this car with no airbags and heading for a 3 car pile up on a major highway. I feel like I'm going to die (emotionally that is) because dating is really killing me softly. I don't want to go back to one of those 2 (my revolving door) but situations like this forces me back to my dysfunctional comfort zone and while I'm desperately trying not to give in, I don't know how much will power I have.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

There's an App for That..

Yes, I am the proud owner of an iPhone *let the music pour from the heavens*, and I love every minute of it. In this list of my favorite apps I am leaving out apps such as Facebook, and AOL Instant Messenger; its safe to say those applications are virtually everyone's favorite. I am choosing to include applications that others may not have knowledge of, I know I get excited over discovering new apps and its annoying to see lists of apps you already have.
Lets Begin! (In no particular order, FYI all screen shots were taken from google images searches.)

1. TwitBird Lite -- This is a FREE Twitter Application. Having tried Twitterific and Tweetdeck I can hands down say this is the BEST Twitter App for the iPhone. You have ALL the perks and I have not come across any drawbacks. *two thumbs up*

2. Awesome Note -- Its a paid app that stores notes. Why would you pay for a note application when the iPHone comes with one FREE of charge? Well I wanted something more astetically pleasing. Also You can create folders, color code those folders and choose cute backgrounds for your notes. Also you can password protect those color coded folders. *one thumb up...would've been two if it was...FREE*

3. Topple (1 & 2) --Everyone needs a really great yet simple game application. This is that application. Although it is a paid application it is also available for FREE (so you know i got the FREE Its a simple block stacking game, but the best part is the blocks make the cute faces and tell you if your stack might fall, etc. *two thumbs up*

4. NY Times -- Yes, I'm a geek and I love reading the New York Times. What better place than to read it from my iPhone. The news comes to me! Although nothing beats holding that paper in your hand, but us strap hangers on our commute, sometimes you need that extra hand. Oh, did I mention its FREE!!! *two thumbs up*

5. -- This is a money management application (we ALL need one). And its.....FREE!!! You sign up for a free account on its website, put in your bank information (online log-ins...its VERY secure) and it automatically tracks your spending, and tallies your budgets, etc. It also give you suggestions on saving money and curbing spending, etc. This is must-have application for anyone who needs extra help sticking to your budget...i.e. ME. *two thumbs up*

6. CoffeeSpot Lite -- Working in New York City, and having to do events across the city my co-worker and I are always looking to grab some coffee before heading to an event, because usually its the end of the day and we need a pick-me-up. Why stand and look around or walk around aimlessly when you have a handy dandy application that can point you to the closest Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc. And its...FREE. *one thumb up...I mean its just coffee, SO not two thumbs

7. Stick-Fu -- Another game for my young at heart iPhone users. Who doesn't like a FREE Kung-Fu fighting stick figure, I know I do. Need I say more? *two thumbs up*

8. HopStop -- I'm a Jersey Girl, so getting around NYC can be very confusing. Thanks to HopStop I never get lost. Its give a detailed description of how to get from point A to point B, and even offers alternate routes. Its also FREE. *two thumbs up*

9. FMC -- This one is for the ladies, so guys PLEASE skip over this This application allows you to easily track your menstrual cycle. Nothing big and exciting here, but it allows you to note the length of your cycle, when you have intercourse (protected and unprotected...preferrably protected ladies!), and it tells you when you're most fertile (don't do the do on those days..or do the do VERY All in all you get a lot of bang for your buck (pun fully intended). *two thumbs up*

10. Sheep Launcher Lite -- I'll end this on a whimsy note. Sheep Launcher Lite, yes the lite implies that its FREE. I mean you get to TOSS SHEEP!!!! *two thumbs up*

Thats my favorite TEN iPhone applications for now. I'm sure I will discover more and to a part 2 to this list. ENJOY!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm Through with White Girls (movie)

A young African American man (about 30-ish) in LA decides to no longer date white/Caucasian women and to begin dating black/African American women. The movie's opening is of a series of white women independently reading a 'break-up' note the main character seems to leave behind to everyone of his love interests upon sneaking out. Thus ending the relationship. Upon his unsuccessful romps with women of the 'fairer' race he decides to try something 'different.'

Operation Brown Sugar
Operation Brown Sugar begins. At a bar with a friend (white, who pretends to be a hip-hop connoisseur to gain the attention of a girl also white) his attention is directed to an African American woman (who would later turn out to be his love interest) across the room. He responds saying "black girls don't date me, I can't compete with those Alpha male, Talented Tenth, football playing lawyer types." *PAUSE* Is that the explanation? Is this what men say to explain away their reasons for intentionally choosing not to date black women? To make a long story short. He ends up dating this African American woman and in the middle for a seemingly great relationship she writes her one of his infamous notes and leaves. Only to race back after realizing his mistake to find out she's already read the note and ending relationship. He realizes she's the one...blah blah blah, etc. etc. etc.....they get back together in the end.

What is the purpose of this post/movie? I'm sort of confused as to that myself. Being a single 20-something (24) African American woman I feel somehow this movie validates yet at the same time makes a mockery of us.

I prefer to date black men, although I have dated outside my race, and I am open to date men of different races, but I do prefer black men. And while I am OK with inter-racial dating and have no problem with it. I must admit there are times when I do see inter-racial couples (black men with women of other races) and I sort of cringe. I can't explain it, and maybe there is no explanation. I'm not racist by any means, and I welcome love no matter the color. I think its that a part of me wishes he (that good looking, business suit wearing, black man) was with me. Every time that happens my mind wanders to those stories and things I've heard about successful black men choosing not to date black women. And my heart sinks realizing that my chances of meeting a black man to share my life with might possibly be decreasing as my expectations for success in my partner increases.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Be Fruitful and Multiply!

While doing my usual daily blog reads I stumbled upon an interesting topic that quickly grabbed my attention. From the blog A Belle in Brooklyn:

"What is going to become of African- Americans if all of the educated folks continue to be baby free?...
...The people in our community that need to produce the most are not and the people who need to stop producing, multiply like there is no tomorrow. What will happen to future generations?? We complain that there is a lack (in particular) of well mannnered, educated AA men. But if we are not getting married and having babies and in turn, raising well-mannered, educated AA men, who is to blame?"

Like a puppy my ears perked up and was at attention. Rather alarming at first, but it does bring to the forefront a very important question. Why are the educated, successful, upper crust African Americans not reproducing. Now, that's not to say that NO educated African Americans are having babies. But, in comparison the vast majority of successful African American women are single, childless; and if they do have children, its usually one, or two. I am guilty of this myself. I am educated, I classify myself as successful, yet I am still single, marriage no where in sight, and when that does happen (which it I only plan on having one child...if any at all.

Are we to blame for the direction our community seems to be headed? Of course well ALL share in the responsibility. Now, don't get me wrong by no means am i saying go out and start having babies like rabbits. However, I cannot deny that the question did not open my eyes a bit. Ok, maybe now I'll have two children (lol); but seriously, WHY are we not reproducing? Why are we not 'training a child up in the way he should go." But in the same token must we give birth to the next generation in order to play an active role in their lives? So maybe we are not ready to have children of our own. That is understandable, I am definitely not ready to have a child. So, can we not in turn nurture the child of another, a child who may not have a parent at home who was afforded the opportunities we were?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fill-In the Blank

I had a very, interesting conversation with a friend on Sunday about titles when it comes to relationships. Of course he felt they weren't necessary, and of course I thought they were absolutely necessary.

Seriously, when you think about it, whether you acknowledge it or not you are involved in a relationship. The only question is what type of relationship? Only a daily basis we form relationships with everyone we come into contact with. And we define those relationships. So why not define the ones we engage in one a regular basis and on an even more intimate level. For example, we have working relationships with co-workers; friendships; associates; family; everyone in our lives fall into one of these categories and possibly more, all defining the type of relationship we have with them. So why not extend this to our sexual lives. Now, I'm not talking about a fling or one night stand; but those ongoing encounters that seem to extend for months on end with no sense of direct.....


Thursday, October 1, 2009

TOMS Shoes

I haven't done a product post in a while, so this one is long overdue and MUCH deserved!

I've seen the commercials, but never really paid much attention. Last week however, while at CGI (Clinton Global Initative) my co-worker was telling me about how super comfortable these shoes were, etc. etc. And how they got free pairs of them last year at CGI. So, what are TOMS Shoes you ask? They have a "one for one" motto. Simply:

I just LOVE that! I will be ordering my pair of TOMS Shoes tonight. I'll have pictures and update when I have them in hand. PLEASE check out the website and see all the GREAT things they are doing, and if you can please order a pair or two or three yourself. :D

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Day

"Say goodbye, say goodbye to the way I was before. Say hello, say hello to a new way."
*song currently playing on my profile, and will be playing for a*

This is it, I've been on a roller coaster called relationships, love/like, dating for some time now, and it seems like I just unbuckled myself and walked off. Am I sad? YES! Of course, I would have loved to stay on that ride with him (minus the ups and downs, bumps and humps) but with him, I would've loved to ride that ride. But, things don't always work that way, and apparently some people have to "get their priorities together...things are about to be really hectic, etc." and can't even give a possible projection of anything. So, 8+ months down the drain?

I cried all the way home. Definitely was the little piggy who went "waa waa waa, allll the way home" last night. Took a shower and cried in the shower. I feel like I've been here too many times before. Deja vu. He's a sucky person, a sucky person to me right now. I can't pahtom how after 8+ months you still have to think about things, you're not sure of what, if anything you want from things. Its been more than ample time to digest and reflect. Everyone has busy schedules, I men I'm the Queen of busy schedules, the Queen of doing 10 million things at once. So are my priorities out of wack?! I focus on work now, I'm going to focus even MORE on work now. So the 200+ hours a month might increase. I'll focus on me now, I plan on going to Virginia Beach next weekend (if my boss lets me take Columbus Day off), I just need to get out of NJ, and get the hell away from NY too.

I don't want to date anymore. I don't want to do this anymore. I just want to be happy doing something else. Whatever else, just not the like/love/dating/relationship thing. I want to travel, I want to go somewhere FAR away, by myself, and just be. Not necessarily trying to run away from anyone or anything, I just think I need that freedom, and to be away from him, our mutual friends....I definitely need to stay far away from Facebook for a while. So you know what that means, lucky you I get to blog more often. :]

Saturday, September 26, 2009


"There is always something to do. There are hungry people to clothe, sick people to make well. And while I don't expect you to save the world, I do think its not asking too much for you to love those with whom you sleep, share the happiness of those with whom you call friend. Engage those among you who are visionary and remove from your life those who offer you depression, despair and disrespect." -Nikki Giovanni

My new mantra...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear Summer,

As summer comes to an end, and I reminisce about all that I did. The times I spent running in the sun, dipping my feet in the ocean, laughing with friends, the many trips and BBQs, and those warm summer nights that seemed to go on forever......then I wake up and realize that none of those things happened. Is it really summer if you do none of those things? Does it count if you worked all those months, and had no time to inject some fun and excitement into your life? What is summer without some carefree days, and long adventurous nights? I fear years from now I will have no stories to tell, no memories to laugh about with my friends, and no one so sit and talk about how we had our first date at the Carnival/Fair and ate Funnel Cake together (mmmmm).

What is life if you're not spending every moment making memories? What kind of mental scrapbook am I making for myself. Sure, I'll have some funny anecdotes from the days at the office, and random bizarre things that happened every now and again, but nothing compares to the type of memories and stories that come form being out there. Where? Nowhere in particular, just out there, where there are no walls, and desks to keep you in a snug little corner. I guess that ends my ode to a summer forgotten.

Friday, August 28, 2009 *UPDATE*

FINALLY, here is the update. About a month or so ago I blogged about HERE. After signing up and dishing out $39, they arrived and I am pleasantly surprised. I must say the presentation is just gorgeous. And for your viewing pleasure:

I love them, tried them on, and they are fab, but I haven't had the opportunity to actually wear them out :(. But hopefully when I get a break from work *fingers crossed its still warm out* I can pull these babies out.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


*breathe in..let it go..take deep breaths..calm down*

I woke up with an awful headache. Had one drink last night (LIT), a semi cry-fest/venting session. The stress from work coupled with the mounting discontent with my love life seems to have clashed...finally! It was inevitable. So in my regular fashion I'm cutting him out of my life and jumping into work even moreso than I am already.

*I need your therapy, I need you to come and lay hands on me*

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Follow Me Single

So maybe being single isn't so bad, I mean some of the best people were single..Ghandi, Jesus, Joan of Arc, Confucious, Mother Theresa. Shall I continue? I'm destined to be a rebel, whoever said success is nothing if you have no one to share it with never heard of these greats. In this day and age of the rapid rates of divorce and serial dating/relationships could the problem be we're sharing our success with too many people. Too much giving of ourselves that its value has diminished. So I'll write a new fairytale where the girl is in love with her career and falls head over heels for a fabulous Manhattan Loft. And what if she's destined to be single like those before her, she can only hope to have a fraction of their impact and wisdom, and maybe she'll acquire a follower or two out of it and a possible religion. :]

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Since I've gone back to working in NYC I spend most of my days, and nights on the NYC Subway. Its become my make-shift couch of sorts. The countless hours I spend as a strap hanger (hehehe) and avid Subway rider I've taken to snapping pictures. I am no photographer by anyone's standards, but this new hobby of mine does help pass the time and I trek to and fro. So here is some of what I've snapped...


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Return of MOXIE ;]

Hello everyone! *waves*

I've been absent, like SERIOUSLY!


I started my new job, and its been great, opportunity wise that is. I work so many hours its mind boggling. Let me give you an example why don't I. From July 6th-31st I've worked 230.5 hours! That is insane! I have no time to eat, sleep, or think anymore; let alone blog. However, I will not abandon you all for an entire month again. I resolve that if I have to blog in sentences I'll do just that...LOL. I am ready for some time off, I'll even settle for a weekend where I don't have to go into the office. My standards are so low don't you see, hoping for a possible weekend I know thats not how you make success stories, but do I really have to slave endlessly to become a success story. I think I'd much rather my path to success include sleep.

Life's been something of a roller coaster lately. I do love the job, right now I'm just too enthusiastic about it. Found out I get paid monthly, TWO weeks into the job. That is definitely something they should have mentioned when negotiating my salary, I think. So, no $ until the end of the month ---> FFwd to the end of the month, and STILL no $$, so frustration is the word of the day. This is definitely something I will never get accustomed to. So keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't go ape on everyone if I don't get paid soon; :-\ , oh but I'm serious!


Well, other than work, and slaving my life away at WORK. NOTHING! Absolutely nothing is new with me...oh but I lied. :) I am the proud momma of an iPhone. I love her so much. I am addicted. The endless possibilities, numerous apps, and the sleek design all drew me in. Why didn't I convert sooner? And I also finally got those shoes from that I blogged about HERE. Pics to come soon, and a follow-up blog! Hopefully I can do all of that this weekend. I wouldn't want to keep you all in suspense for too long. Lets just say I have nothing bad to day. So keep an eye out!

Love? Eh, not much to tell there. I am so disenchanted when it comes to love these days. I am coming to terms with the fact that I may just be one of those women who is married to her career and will never have that relationship she so desperately longs for. At this point in my life I can say with much conviction that I am not willing to give up or slow down my career aspirations for love...bleh! I know so many of you just scoffed at me, but I'm still young (24) and I think I have a lot of time. I wish I could have both right now, but that does not seem to be possible. Speaking of career...on Monday, August 3rd, 2009; I will be staffing my FIRST political fundraiser....ALL BY MYSELF! Like I said the job does provide GREAT opportunities, hence the sleepless nights. I am uber excited, and full of nervous anticipation.

...well I think I'll stop here for now, but I shall return, VERY soon. :]

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July-Coney Island

Hello everyone, Happy 4th of July. Its still pretty early, ok 8 pm is considered early to me, but my day has been uber exciting. With the obvious holiday of the 4th of July being a given, another big thing that happened today was....I took my first solo trip--to the beach. Coney Island to be specific. And it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, granted I won't be making anymore solo trips to the beach anytime soon, but it was surprisingly relaxing.

The commute to Coney Island wasn't too bad, however, the train/subway ride was about an hour long (ugh), it could've been worse.
I was entertained on my way there as an argument broke out between two subway performance groups panhandling in the cars. The black singing quartet, and the Mexican mariachi band, it was something straight out of Michael Jackson's Thriller video...I swear I am not making this

As I stepped off the train onto the Coney Island boardwalk I was instantly barraged by throngs of people, did I forget it was the 4th of July.
And not only was it such a major holiday, it was the Nathan's Hot Dog eating competition!
I did get there a tad bit late, but managed to get a of the stage after the hot dogs were all eaten. And you can only imagine the lines to get a hot dog after all that was done, I stood in line for about 30 sec before I left and got a shish kabob as a substitute. I managed to get some shots of the festivities after the

Now the whole going to the beach by yourself thing is a grand idea, yes IDEA, and I'm sure it works for most, but I didn't too much like it. Its not so much fun when you can't go in the water b/c you have no one to keep and eye on your things, and if you do go in the water, you have to constantly keep and eye out. Also, you have no one to take cute pictures of you in your bathing suit having fun (a necessity for me). Also, there is no one to help get all the sand off you, and help lay the beach towel. Well the suggestion to bring a book was tried, and let me tell you its hard reading a book at noon on the beach. The bright sun is in your eye so you're constantly squinting, with one eye shut closed from the sand that blew into it, trying to decipher words and connect sentences. Also the wind blows sand onto the pages and also flips the pages so violently you're struggling to keep your thumb on your spot. Its just overall too much effort to read one paragraph that I gave up after about 5 minutes of trying to focus and used the book as a makeshift umbrella.

Other than those mini nuisances it was all in all a pretty good day.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Meet Me In 5 Years

I've always had an idea of where I wanted to be in five years, and although I'm not where I thought I'd be five years ago, I definitely don't have the same plans I did 5 years ago. Sometimes you just need to write things down in order to motivate and keep your eyes on the prize. "Write the vision, and make it plain." So I'm putting pen to paper/fingers to keyboard, and laying it ALL out there. My hopes are to achieve everything I am setting out to achieve, and much much more. So here we go:

5 Years From Now:

*Have my own Political Consulting Firm
*Be on at least one "Rising 30 under 30" List
*Be married (sheesh that one is
*Have a house or FABULOUS and ridiculously expensive apartment in NYC
*Be financially table
*Consult for a MAJOR political candidate

Monday, June 29, 2009

Its All a Blur

I've been absent for a while, and so much has happened since I last posted. I could simply justify disappearance on grieving the death of Michael Jackson *pause* (lol), but no, I've just been immensely busy, starting a new job next week, training my replacement for my current job, and just trying to have as much fun as I could before I'm consumed by WORK. So lets jump into whats happened lately....

The BET Awards hosted this year by Jamie Fox *pause*, was the most disgraceful display of coonery if there was ever one. But before we get ahead of ourselves. A host is usually assumed to be funny and overall entertaining, all of which Mr. Fox was not. He performed more than he hosted, and the entire show was filled with his self promotion. I am yet to laugh at one of this ill conceived jokes and downright lethargic sense of humor. This was no tribute to Michael Jackson but more of a ratings bonanza for BET. It fell short in so many ways. From the "Baby Boy" skit, which was in poor taste, to the Drake and Lil Wayne performance with little girls dancing on the stage to "I wish i could f**k every girl in the world" *pause*. To go into detail would only bring back the horrible memories of this night. Tribute it was lacking...but vulgarity, and ill preparation was in abundance. I will definitely not be tuning in next year.


"Frank M. Lombard, the Duke University researcher accused of offering his adopted 5-year-old son for sex." And the crowd says "WTF". Yes, aldeis and gentlemen there are still sick people roaming around, and not the usually creepy looking guys lurking in alleyways, but our University officials who we hold to a higher moral standard. But according to the article Mr. Lombard performed sexual acts on his adopted son and invited an undercover investigator online to do the same.


I don't know really, I guess not that much happened after :]

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jimmy Choo to design for H&M

Jimmy Choo is collaborating with H&M to bring you an exquisite selection of shoes, clothing and handbags. Following other great designers such as Matthew Williamson, Jimmy Choo is set to rock H&M customers with "a sophisticated, fashion forward, accessible and glamorous collection - the perfect party pieces to buy now and then wear out that night!"

I am in LOVE! To the right are two pieces from the collection, which is slated to hit stores November 14th, 2009 (can we say COUNTDOWN!). The colection is also said to included men, so guys don't feel left out, they thought of you as well. Well ladies and gentlemen, I will be the first in line to stack up. Stay tuned for the frenzy, and keep your eye on that countdown, which will be posted.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Apartment Woes Pt. 1

Well I recently moved out on my own. No more mommy doing my laundry, and cleaning up after me. I don't like that part of it at all. However, I do get to face new challenges, like taking out the trash, and washing dishes. Remembering to lock the door, and to check the mail. Keeping track of the bills and...well, you know all that grown-up stuff you never want to get used to doing.

With the good comes the bad, and the crazy neighbors. I do like my community, for the most part its GREAT. But this week things seemed to have gone haywire. From the loud bangings on the apartments next door, to angry cats fighting under my window. And tonight the teenaged boys hanging out back of the building spewing obscenities and making crude jokes, all which I heard because it seemed like they were screaming through my window. >:O Oh I wanted to call the police...but refrained. Only to have them pull their cars under my window blaring Michael Jackson's 'Scream" :D, now I can sleep.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies

Today Michael Jackson died. Reports state he suffered cardiac arrest at his home, and was pronounced dead upon his arrival at UCLA Medical Center. Michael Jackson was and will always be a LEGEND. The memories his music created and was a part of growing up will forever be with me. From listening to Thriller and Bad with my father as a little girl. Watching his videos and copying the dance moves, I never did master the moonwalk. I am saddened to hear of his death.

I don't agree with much of what he's done in his personal life, and who am I to judge. But his talent surpasses whatever internal struggles he faced throughout his life. He was indeed a musical visionary, and multi-talented individual without a doubt. There will never be another performer like him. There will never be another musical genius like him. He is the single most famous human being, no corner of the world is there any doubt who Michael Jackson is. He has accomplished what others merely dream of. Its easy to look at the bizzare behavior and court trials, its easy to look and his ever changing physical features, but what about his great humanitiran efforts. Lest we forget all the good he's done.

I pray for his family, that they have peace during this difficult time. He will forever be missed.

Gadgets Galore

So while perusing the T-Mobile website as I consider getting a new cell phone something catches my eye. Its the new T-Mobile My Touch 3G, with Google. From what I can gather from the website its the G1 but without the keypad. Coupled with 3G technology its a winner in my book. Although I don't have the luxury of getting an insider's scoop or getting access test out the phone I think its safe to say it'll be a hit. I'm already considering holding off on getting the G1 and waiting the few weeks to get this new gadget.

T-Mobile customers can begin to reserve their My Touch starting July 8th, 2009, with an expected shipping in August. And being the loyal T-Mobile customer I am that includes me :).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fashion for a Cause

"Fashion for a Cause is New Jersey’s ultimate shopping party to benefit battered women. 100 percent of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Jersey Battered Women’s Service, a full-service domestic violence and domestic abuse prevention agency."

WOW..what a great idea, shopping to end domestic violence. If you are in New Jersey or the surrounding area stop by and support this FABULOUS event.

Fashion for a Cause

June 24, 2009 5:00 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Park Avenue Club

185 Park Avenue

Florham Park, NJ

$35 per person includes hors d'oeuvres

and drinks.

Make a reservation on line

or call 973-267-7520 Ext. 409.

Bill Maher Takes on Obama

I posted this video about a week or two ago on my Facebook, but that was before I started this blog, so I decided to re-post it here. And I have to agree with Bill Maher, I don't want a celebrity for a President. Check it out!

Ghandi Moment of the Week

"A 'No' uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble."

~Mohandas Ghandi

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Behold .

This new website which I came across this weekend is a godsend for shoe lovers across the globe. Founded by Kim Kardashian "ShoeDazzle's fashion experts choose the hottest shoes for you every month based on YOUR individual personality and tastes. The shoes we pick for you will express your individuality and sense of style. Distinctive, yet trend-right. (quoted from the website)" All for a nominal fee of $39 a pair per month *gasp*. You are presented with five pairs of shoes to choose from each month and choose one and its shipped to you, FREE. The shoe selections are presented to you based on your preference determined by a minor survey you take when you initially sign up.

If this isn't a fantastic idea I don't know what is. I'm going to SIGNUP, and I'll definitely be back with an expert review of the site and their services. Check it out and let me know what you all think...I know I'm loving it and I haven't even gotten a pair of shoes yet!

New Beginnings

Here I am, bursting into the world of blogging. Do you think you're ready for all of this? LOL, ok enough of the melodrama already. Hello everyone, welcome to my world, and into my stream of consciousness, which is exactly what this blog will represent. From random ramblings to issue topics, this is the world of Moxie-B. Sit back, relax, and take it all in.
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