Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Letter To the Ladies

A Letter To the Ladies

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Riding in Cars with Boys, Part I

I've been doing this forever. All I can seem to ask is: "Are we there yet?" Granted the driver has changed some, its the same ride; with a little back seat action here and there. I listen to my friends' dating stories and I'm always saying to them "Where do you find these guys", only to now look at myself and say "You sure know how to pick 'em." And boy do I! I have an affinity for the asshole/jerk. I can admit this, I have come to terms with this. But, I still find it surprising.

Now this one...he's SO confusing. Men always like to say we don't know what we want, but I find that to be the other way around. For me at least. I know exactly what I want, the problem is how to go about getting what I want.

I've been hesitant to REALLY talk about my relationships on this blog, but I'll take a risk, maybe I'll delete it later, who knows. I seem to have a revolving door of men in my life, those 2 that I recycle. I'm one who doesn't like to meet news guys for fear of encountering the same problems, just with a new face; and by sticking with my select few at least I know what to expect. Counterproductive, I KNOW! But, I did venture out this summer, but now the things that kept me from giving new guys a chance seems to be slowly but surely creeping up and biting me on the butt. I've known Mr. New Guy (yup that's his alias for indirectly for over a year. Indirectly? Yes, don' ask. This summer we actually started talking, before this surge in communication I could NOT stand him. I thought he was a misogynistic jerk (hmmm, trust your instinct ladies).

Back on track, I have no idea where we are going, but I'm ready to get there, or at least get out this car and take a cab back home. For a long time I ignored his advances and didn't take any of it seriously. Even the numerous proposals (is that the right choice of words) to be his girlfriend. I mean I'm here and he's there (yea its one of those). So NO. But then I visit, after MUCH pleading, and at the end of it all I didn't think anything of the experience..until. But now, I'm all confused. It seems like the moment I start liking him is the exact same moment he starts reverting back into the guy I had loathed for SO long. Now what I had been avoiding for so long seems to have happened. I LIKE HIM, and that sucks! I did SO well with my guard up and shield in position, for so long.

While I have all these grand ideas and suggestions and advice I give my friends, I can't seem to conjure up a single thing for myself. I can't seem to posses any follow through in my own situations and I feel like I'm stuck in this car with no airbags and heading for a 3 car pile up on a major highway. I feel like I'm going to die (emotionally that is) because dating is really killing me softly. I don't want to go back to one of those 2 (my revolving door) but situations like this forces me back to my dysfunctional comfort zone and while I'm desperately trying not to give in, I don't know how much will power I have.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

There's an App for That..

Yes, I am the proud owner of an iPhone *let the music pour from the heavens*, and I love every minute of it. In this list of my favorite apps I am leaving out apps such as Facebook, and AOL Instant Messenger; its safe to say those applications are virtually everyone's favorite. I am choosing to include applications that others may not have knowledge of, I know I get excited over discovering new apps and its annoying to see lists of apps you already have.
Lets Begin! (In no particular order, FYI all screen shots were taken from google images searches.)

1. TwitBird Lite -- This is a FREE Twitter Application. Having tried Twitterific and Tweetdeck I can hands down say this is the BEST Twitter App for the iPhone. You have ALL the perks and I have not come across any drawbacks. *two thumbs up*

2. Awesome Note -- Its a paid app that stores notes. Why would you pay for a note application when the iPHone comes with one FREE of charge? Well I wanted something more astetically pleasing. Also You can create folders, color code those folders and choose cute backgrounds for your notes. Also you can password protect those color coded folders. *one thumb up...would've been two if it was...FREE*

3. Topple (1 & 2) --Everyone needs a really great yet simple game application. This is that application. Although it is a paid application it is also available for FREE (so you know i got the FREE Its a simple block stacking game, but the best part is the blocks make the cute faces and tell you if your stack might fall, etc. *two thumbs up*

4. NY Times -- Yes, I'm a geek and I love reading the New York Times. What better place than to read it from my iPhone. The news comes to me! Although nothing beats holding that paper in your hand, but us strap hangers on our commute, sometimes you need that extra hand. Oh, did I mention its FREE!!! *two thumbs up*

5. -- This is a money management application (we ALL need one). And its.....FREE!!! You sign up for a free account on its website, put in your bank information (online log-ins...its VERY secure) and it automatically tracks your spending, and tallies your budgets, etc. It also give you suggestions on saving money and curbing spending, etc. This is must-have application for anyone who needs extra help sticking to your budget...i.e. ME. *two thumbs up*

6. CoffeeSpot Lite -- Working in New York City, and having to do events across the city my co-worker and I are always looking to grab some coffee before heading to an event, because usually its the end of the day and we need a pick-me-up. Why stand and look around or walk around aimlessly when you have a handy dandy application that can point you to the closest Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc. And its...FREE. *one thumb up...I mean its just coffee, SO not two thumbs

7. Stick-Fu -- Another game for my young at heart iPhone users. Who doesn't like a FREE Kung-Fu fighting stick figure, I know I do. Need I say more? *two thumbs up*

8. HopStop -- I'm a Jersey Girl, so getting around NYC can be very confusing. Thanks to HopStop I never get lost. Its give a detailed description of how to get from point A to point B, and even offers alternate routes. Its also FREE. *two thumbs up*

9. FMC -- This one is for the ladies, so guys PLEASE skip over this This application allows you to easily track your menstrual cycle. Nothing big and exciting here, but it allows you to note the length of your cycle, when you have intercourse (protected and unprotected...preferrably protected ladies!), and it tells you when you're most fertile (don't do the do on those days..or do the do VERY All in all you get a lot of bang for your buck (pun fully intended). *two thumbs up*

10. Sheep Launcher Lite -- I'll end this on a whimsy note. Sheep Launcher Lite, yes the lite implies that its FREE. I mean you get to TOSS SHEEP!!!! *two thumbs up*

Thats my favorite TEN iPhone applications for now. I'm sure I will discover more and to a part 2 to this list. ENJOY!

Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration