Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear Summer,

As summer comes to an end, and I reminisce about all that I did. The times I spent running in the sun, dipping my feet in the ocean, laughing with friends, the many trips and BBQs, and those warm summer nights that seemed to go on forever......then I wake up and realize that none of those things happened. Is it really summer if you do none of those things? Does it count if you worked all those months, and had no time to inject some fun and excitement into your life? What is summer without some carefree days, and long adventurous nights? I fear years from now I will have no stories to tell, no memories to laugh about with my friends, and no one so sit and talk about how we had our first date at the Carnival/Fair and ate Funnel Cake together (mmmmm).

What is life if you're not spending every moment making memories? What kind of mental scrapbook am I making for myself. Sure, I'll have some funny anecdotes from the days at the office, and random bizarre things that happened every now and again, but nothing compares to the type of memories and stories that come form being out there. Where? Nowhere in particular, just out there, where there are no walls, and desks to keep you in a snug little corner. I guess that ends my ode to a summer forgotten.

Friday, August 28, 2009 *UPDATE*

FINALLY, here is the update. About a month or so ago I blogged about HERE. After signing up and dishing out $39, they arrived and I am pleasantly surprised. I must say the presentation is just gorgeous. And for your viewing pleasure:

I love them, tried them on, and they are fab, but I haven't had the opportunity to actually wear them out :(. But hopefully when I get a break from work *fingers crossed its still warm out* I can pull these babies out.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


*breathe in..let it go..take deep breaths..calm down*

I woke up with an awful headache. Had one drink last night (LIT), a semi cry-fest/venting session. The stress from work coupled with the mounting discontent with my love life seems to have clashed...finally! It was inevitable. So in my regular fashion I'm cutting him out of my life and jumping into work even moreso than I am already.

*I need your therapy, I need you to come and lay hands on me*

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Follow Me Single

So maybe being single isn't so bad, I mean some of the best people were single..Ghandi, Jesus, Joan of Arc, Confucious, Mother Theresa. Shall I continue? I'm destined to be a rebel, whoever said success is nothing if you have no one to share it with never heard of these greats. In this day and age of the rapid rates of divorce and serial dating/relationships could the problem be we're sharing our success with too many people. Too much giving of ourselves that its value has diminished. So I'll write a new fairytale where the girl is in love with her career and falls head over heels for a fabulous Manhattan Loft. And what if she's destined to be single like those before her, she can only hope to have a fraction of their impact and wisdom, and maybe she'll acquire a follower or two out of it and a possible religion. :]

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Since I've gone back to working in NYC I spend most of my days, and nights on the NYC Subway. Its become my make-shift couch of sorts. The countless hours I spend as a strap hanger (hehehe) and avid Subway rider I've taken to snapping pictures. I am no photographer by anyone's standards, but this new hobby of mine does help pass the time and I trek to and fro. So here is some of what I've snapped...


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Return of MOXIE ;]

Hello everyone! *waves*

I've been absent, like SERIOUSLY!


I started my new job, and its been great, opportunity wise that is. I work so many hours its mind boggling. Let me give you an example why don't I. From July 6th-31st I've worked 230.5 hours! That is insane! I have no time to eat, sleep, or think anymore; let alone blog. However, I will not abandon you all for an entire month again. I resolve that if I have to blog in sentences I'll do just that...LOL. I am ready for some time off, I'll even settle for a weekend where I don't have to go into the office. My standards are so low don't you see, hoping for a possible weekend I know thats not how you make success stories, but do I really have to slave endlessly to become a success story. I think I'd much rather my path to success include sleep.

Life's been something of a roller coaster lately. I do love the job, right now I'm just too enthusiastic about it. Found out I get paid monthly, TWO weeks into the job. That is definitely something they should have mentioned when negotiating my salary, I think. So, no $ until the end of the month ---> FFwd to the end of the month, and STILL no $$, so frustration is the word of the day. This is definitely something I will never get accustomed to. So keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't go ape on everyone if I don't get paid soon; :-\ , oh but I'm serious!


Well, other than work, and slaving my life away at WORK. NOTHING! Absolutely nothing is new with me...oh but I lied. :) I am the proud momma of an iPhone. I love her so much. I am addicted. The endless possibilities, numerous apps, and the sleek design all drew me in. Why didn't I convert sooner? And I also finally got those shoes from that I blogged about HERE. Pics to come soon, and a follow-up blog! Hopefully I can do all of that this weekend. I wouldn't want to keep you all in suspense for too long. Lets just say I have nothing bad to day. So keep an eye out!

Love? Eh, not much to tell there. I am so disenchanted when it comes to love these days. I am coming to terms with the fact that I may just be one of those women who is married to her career and will never have that relationship she so desperately longs for. At this point in my life I can say with much conviction that I am not willing to give up or slow down my career aspirations for love...bleh! I know so many of you just scoffed at me, but I'm still young (24) and I think I have a lot of time. I wish I could have both right now, but that does not seem to be possible. Speaking of career...on Monday, August 3rd, 2009; I will be staffing my FIRST political fundraiser....ALL BY MYSELF! Like I said the job does provide GREAT opportunities, hence the sleepless nights. I am uber excited, and full of nervous anticipation.

...well I think I'll stop here for now, but I shall return, VERY soon. :]
Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration