Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fill-In the Blank

I had a very, interesting conversation with a friend on Sunday about titles when it comes to relationships. Of course he felt they weren't necessary, and of course I thought they were absolutely necessary.

Seriously, when you think about it, whether you acknowledge it or not you are involved in a relationship. The only question is what type of relationship? Only a daily basis we form relationships with everyone we come into contact with. And we define those relationships. So why not define the ones we engage in one a regular basis and on an even more intimate level. For example, we have working relationships with co-workers; friendships; associates; family; everyone in our lives fall into one of these categories and possibly more, all defining the type of relationship we have with them. So why not extend this to our sexual lives. Now, I'm not talking about a fling or one night stand; but those ongoing encounters that seem to extend for months on end with no sense of direct.....



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