Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big Love (HBO series)

I'm pretty sure you all are familiar with the HBO series Big Love. To make a long story short, its about a Morman man with three (3) wives. I've recently become addicted to this show. Over the course of my Thanksgiving weekend I've watched EVERY episode, that is 3 entire seasons.

It makes me wonder if I could ever be one of many wives. I know I can definitely not be one of many girlfriends, so that should automatically rule out being wife #3, you'd think. I'm 24, and I'm nowhere near finding love, even though I haplessly stumble into 'like' every few weeks or so. Love, however, evades me. And maybe its this recent bout with...God knows what it is or was, that has me even thinking about like and love and relationships. I feel like I've been in polygamous relationships, I KNOW I've been in polygamous relationships...jerks! They just weren't upfront about it. [LOL]

The same issues they seem to struggle with on Big Love I have struggled with. The fight for attention and affection, the feeling of not being #1. So why do they stay? Why did I stay with some of these men or even tolerate it as long as I did? If I knew the answer to that question I'd solve many of the world's problems. End wars probably. Aren't all wars fought over women, if not then it should be.

Did I mention how much it irks me when men expouse these theories on how humans aren't naturally monogymous, so we should just accept the fact that men cheat *severe side eye*. Uh, yea okay, you run with that theory, lets see how far it gets you buddy. I am attracted to intelligent men, the only down side with dating someone who is highly intelligent is that he fabricates pretty convincing reasons as to why he/men in general do the hurtful, insensitive, and down right stupid stuff they sometimes, and will most likely do. Hence my dilemna, dating someone that can effectively convince me to accept the stupid things men do, and me countering that argument, makes for good debate, but is sure to end badly.


rey said...

i like to think i'm intellegent (i actually like to think i'm a lot of things) and i am one of those guys who argue that monogamy is learned and not inherent. know that you strongly disagree, i won't bother to shar my arguements... But consider this, how is it that you are attracted to those guys? Ther seems to be two opposing sides in your psychy one with strict rules and the other that does what it feels... choose one and be happy :)

moxie_b said...

I am not attracted to men who oppose relationships, I am attracted to intelligence, for many intelligent, single, and educated men in the age group of 24-28 relationships are not appealing. Thus, they use their intelligence to explain and justify their behavior. Convincing at times, no level of intelligence can effectively explain or justify male chauvinist's actions.. :D, i know you disagree.

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