Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FVK NJTransit

JGWA--Jersey Girl With an Attitude

WTH NJTransit?! Fare increase of 25% set to take effect May1st. Really though?! That's a lot at one time. I get it, we get it, it's a recession, but c'mon your service is piss poor (and that's on a good day) if there is any service at all! Oh and here's the best part! Urban bus routes fares will only increase by 10%, while those commuting into NYC (trains & buses) will go up by 25%. They basically said if you're commuting to NY everyday for work you make more money so we'll rape your paycheck.

This is SO ridiculous! I'm a commuter, I commute to work in NYC Mon-Fri and often on the weekends as well (for work). I don't know how much other NYC commuters are paid but I'm not living lavish enough to pay 25% more for 100% LESS! Yes...less. The service on NJTransit is horrible to say the least.

Let me break it down for you:

*Constantly delayed
*Always held up leaving NY Penn Station (they don't tell you it's an hr delay until you're already ON the train and the doors are no getting off to take the PATH!!)
*ALL NJTransit trains stop running at midnight! WTH! NJ a heavily urban state so close to NYC, why would all trains stop running at midnight and don't start back up until 5am!!! (god forbid I want to enjoy my youth beyond 12...I'm not fvkin Cinderella! Why must I leave the ball early!!! I swear NJTransit is the ugly stepmother & sisters!

*ALWAYS late! Always always always. And ridiculously late too. At 30mins that's nonsense, any other place of employment if this happend regulary the employee would be fired! NOOO not at NJT, it rewarded with a 15min break!
*Filthy buses! Disgustingly filthy! Need I say more?
*the buses ALSO stop running at midnight and don't start again until 5am!!! So if I miss the last train I can't get a bus I'm stranded for FIVE HOURS!!! Does that make sense?! A major transportation hub that is Newark Penn Station is virtually vacant for FIVE HOURS!! The entire fvkin state has NO public transportation running for FIVE HOURS a day!!!

But I must pay 25% more?! What am I getting? Is that extra 25% going to add trains and bus service between midnight and 5am? Will it ensure timely arrivals and departures? None of the above. They actually are increasing fares AND cutting back on services!

There is no real competition in NJ public transportation. Coach Buses, Path Trains, etc pose no real threat to NJT. NJT has monoplized public transportation throughout the entire state! While the fat cats in Trenton are lining their pockets with my 25% I can't stay out past 11pm, and I'm running 30mins late, so I'll miss the last train/bus and be stranded for five hours.

It's not to say I can take a cab to substitute the lack of NJT service. NJ cabs are horrible. There is no standard fare system, which means cabbies can charge you whatever they want ( which is usually outrageous fares). For example the same distance from my apt to the train station in one cab was $7, and another cab company was $20! Why is no one regulating this?! Why are there no meters?!

New Jersey residents are being given the short end of the stick. It's about time we take a stand! We have the highest property taxes, the most toll boots ( don't get me started on toll booths), and now we'll have the most outrageous fare increase. NJ is home of monopoly corporations, from NJTransit to PSE&G...let corruption reign! I'm writing a letter to my Congressman, State Assemblyman and Senator...enough is enough!


Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration