Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Single Ladies [and a bunch of other randomness]

Its been a while coming..but I think I'm finally at peace with my singleness. I've stopped thrashing about and finally settled and I'm comfortable in my skin. Maybe this is a premature proclamation, but I think I'm pretty content right now. I recently ended a year long back and forth/on and off...thing [can we really call it a relationship?!] and right now I just want to relax and enjoy time with myself, and my friends. While I've declared that I am on sabbatical from men, I am open to new friendships [nothing more right now] and building on the friendships I already have.

SO..moving forward, while I've always had a lot of my focus on my career, now I can devote 100% of my attention to my career. This year [2010] I've taken on a lot more responsibility at work...took the bull by its horns, and making moves. It would be a lie if I said my blood pressure has not gone through the roof...but I enjoy every minute of my job. I learn something new everyday, and on the days when I just want to scream and give up I remind myself that I have my DREAM JOB, and that does not happen everyday. Not many people can say they love what they do, and even fewer who say it actually mean it...even on the bad days, I honestly love what I do. For a while there [ummm a year follow graduation] I thought maybe I majored in the wrong thing. I had panic attacks, emotional outbursts, and random cry fests to my friends. However, in the end things worked out. Now at 24 I can say I have a career, and my dream job, a 5 year pan that's on track, and nothing standing in my way. The highway of possibility, and opportunity awaits me, and if I don't have a man who cares because I'm doing some pretty fabulous stuff all by myself! :D

[DISCLAIMER: I am fully aware that I might relapse and write an angry man hating blog in the near future so don't rain on my parade..LOL]


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